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Discount Party Specials


Discount Party Specials: 

On this page you may find available party times that are at a discount price.  This discount will apply only if you ask for it. Typically we will update this page on mondays for the up coming weekend. The date, time and price of the available time slots will be posted.  Theses parties include all the normal amenities of a Philly Premier Pole Party at a discount price.

This listing may be incorrect if the time slots have already been taken. We try to keep it as current as possible.  

If you do not see any specials posted for this up coming weekend please ask.. If you do not ask you will not know..




Day Studio Location  Time Frame Available  Discount Price  Max # Guests
Mon Sansom Street  16-Poles   40 
  Tue Sansom Street  16-Poles   40
Wed Sansom Street  16-Poles 40
Wed Chestnut St.  4-Poles 14 
Thur Sansom Street  16-Poles 40
Fri Chestnut St.  4-Poles 15
Fri Sansom Street  16-Poles 40
6/1/2013 Sat Chestnut St.  4-Poles 4-6pm 250.00 15
Sat Sansom St.  16-Poles 40
Sun Chestnut St.  4-Poles 15
Sun Sansom St.  16-Poles 40


Studio A 1807 Chestnut Street Phila PA.  4-Poles     Studio B 1520 Sansom Street Phila PA. 14 poles

Max 15 Guests....                                                       Max 40 Guest....                                                 



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